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Emerging Writers Institute - 7th - 9th Grade

Jun 17th – Jun 21st

Location: Online

Grade: 7 - 9

Campers Say

What Campers Say

I would definitely recommend this program to other students! It's helped me so much with my writing, and it's made me much more confident and willing to share what I've written. I expected the program to be fun, but still it was WAY more fun than I expected. — 2010 EWI participant

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Creative Writing Programs

  • Creative Writing Program for Teens
    Designed to develop and support students’ imaginative writing of poetry, plays, fiction and non-fiction, this program encourages students to challenge themselves technically and artistically through guided daily writing workshops, one-on-one instruction evaluations, group editing sessions, and creative presentations of their work.

Campers Say

The experience was even better than the brochure described. The greatest strengths of the program were the quality of the instructors and the variety of subjects taught. The staff was exceptional — each and every one — bright, enthusiastic, upbeat, and their love of children was obvious.

- Joanne A., parent of an A+ Middle School participant

The camp director remained calm, positive, caring, energetic, and professional at all times. She put every ounce of her energy into making this a wonderful experience for everyone. She is an inspiration!

- A+ Middle School Instructor

I expected to dread every waking second of this camp, but I ended up never wanting to leave. My favorite activity was finding out who stole Sherlock (the camp goldfish).

- Hannah C., A+ Middle School participant