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Refund & Cancellation FAQs

Why can't I receive a refund without purchasing the Tuition Protection Plan?

Education Unlimited incurs a variety of irrecoverable costs related to contract guarantees to our host campuses and the need to make commitments to our summer staff, and as a result, we are unable to offer refunds unless our Tuition Protection Plan has been purchased. Sometimes families must cancel their registration due to unforeseen circumstances, for this reason we recommend that all families purchase either the Tuition Protection Plan or the Change Protection Plan. 

If I cancel, do I get the cost of the protection plan refunded as well? 

No, the tuition protection plan will provide for a refund of the tuition paid on the schedule provided, but not on the plan premium itself. 

How do you determine the amount of refund due? 

The amount of refund due is determined on the basis of the amount that was due at the time any change or cancellation is made. Since all tuition is due and payable at 45 days in advance of the start of camp, from 45 days until the start of camp, the refund is based on the total camp price, not just the deposit. No refund is provided if the cancellation request is received two days or fewer from the start of camp, or of course after camp has begun, even with our Tuition Protection Plan. The protection plan fee itself is not eligible for refund.

Can I add a protection plan later? 

Change Protection or Tuition Protection may be added up to 72 hours after camp registration. 

Are all programs eligible for the protection plan? 

Yes, with one exception.  Protection plans cannot be purchased for the group flight portion of college tours as plane tickets are a fixed and non-recoverable cost. 

Can a coupon code be added after registering? (should be moved somewhere other than refund policy)

As a courtesy, we will add a coupon code to a registration up to 72 hours after registering, if the coupon is valid at the time of the request and all conditions are adhered to. To add a coupon to an existing registration, email us at  After 72 hours camp registrations are locked in our system to changes and coupons will not be able to be added.  After 72 hours from the initial registration date, you can apply for camp credit per the terms of our Low Price Guarantee.  

What if I need to withdraw from camp after it has begun due to an extreme medical condition or death in our nuclear family? 

Families needing to withdraw from camp after it has begun may appeal for a partial camp credit using the camp refunds appeal process described HERE.  Such credits will be issued at the discretion of, and with the approval of, the Executive Director of Education Unlimited. Factors include severe illness during camp necessitating withdrawal and the degree to which the host campus is willing to provide a pro-rated refund for their services,

What is Education Unlimited's Satisfaction Guarantee? 

Education Unlimited places great importance on providing a quality camp experience for each of our students.  Education Unlimited provides a Satisfaction Guarantee based on the family notifying us early of any concerns perceived to exist relative to what was advertised for the program so that the program site director and staff can have a reasonable chance to rectify any perceived deficits or problems with the curriculum. Based upon student age and ability level our classes are usually able to cover most or all of what is listed as covered in a particular program, but sometimes a group of students with a lower experience level will not be able to cover all material in the time allowed, and that shall not be considered non-delivery of agreed services as long as a good faith effort is being made to cover as much of the listed material as time available and student ability levels allow. 

Families choosing to withdraw early from camp may appeal for a partial camp credit for just cause within 7 days of leaving camp.  However, days used are generally prorated, so completion or near completion of the camp schedule before raising any concerns or issues is presumptively a disqualifying factor from receiving a partial credit. All such requests for camp credit for just cause must be made in writing with detailed explanation of the request for camp credit, and are ultimately at the discretion of the Executive Director.  All parties agree that when assigning value to such credits the camp 'valuation' is 40% for room, board, classroom fees; 40% for curricular/class time instructions and activities, and 20% for recreational time and activities.